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Brembo - best brake brand 2024

Readers of Europe’s top car magazine vote Brembo, the global leader in automotive braking systems, their favorite brake brand for the 11th time – marking 90 similar awards in recent years and underlining the company’s outstanding customer recognition and satisfaction.

Formen 1 vs Le Mans: Brembo Bremsanlagen im vergleich

Die Formel 1 und das 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans sind seit mehr als einem halben Jahrhundert weltweit die wichtigsten Bewerbe für vierrädrige Prototypen: die hohen Investitionen, die die Autohersteller in den letzten Jahren getätigt haben, brachten den Einsitzern Hybridmotoren mit bis zu 1.000 PS. 

Brembo Racing

With Brembo, every race-car driver can rely on the experience of a team that for more than 40 years has won with remarkable consistency on tracks all over the world. At the same time, they are never satisfied –always thinking about tomorrow’s solutions.

F1 Infographics

Drawing on the experience and expertise of its technicians, Brembo has created a series of infographics, to illustrate the main components of Brembo brake systems used in F1, comparable to the same Brembo products for road cars and bikes.

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